Someone once asked me why I would ever want to be an editor, trapped in a room all day doing the same thing over and over. The answer is: I have a profound love for language and how it holds an enormous potential for power—when used properly. I wish I could say that my love for language means I can speak 5 languages, but unfortunately I haven’t gotten to that point, yet. What it does mean is that I’ve invested as much time as I can exploring and understanding the English language, particularly in the historical and linguistic fields. (I’m the kind of person who will research word/root meanings and etymology for fun!)

Language and communication are central to living beings. Communication has the power to make us happy, make us sad, make us empathetic, make us nostalgic, make us laugh, make us [insert your relevant emotion here]. Communication has the power to connect us with other people.

I love language! Yes, I’m a language nerd, and I’m not ashamed of it. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and soon after received a Professional Editing Certificate. I’ve been professionally editing for the last 4 years at two magazine publishing companies. With experience in publishing, management, sales, and marketing, I have a solid understanding of how to create effective messaging, especially for businesses.